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I’m commissioning 3 short stories to launch a branching narrative project soon. The stories can be about anything, and can be linear; I’ll be looking for strong, identifiable characters and solid narratives that are accessible to lots of readers, including young readers.

March 30th Deadline for writing samples
April 3rd Writers chosen and notified
April 25th Deadline for stories

Interested? I’m taking writing samples (past work, not spec work – I’m a freelancer too!) until March 30th. From the submitted samples, I’ll choose 3 writers, who I’ll notify on April 3rd. If you’re selected, you’ll have until April 25th to submit your story.

Stories should be around 1200+ words, 200$, and work will be put on the internet under a Creative Commons – ShareAlike 3.0 license. Since these are foundations for branching narratives, it’s best if there are some natural decision points on which the story can be broken in to pages.

Submit your writing samples to!